Did you know that on average two of every THREE visits to your Instagram profile are from people that don’t currently follow you?

Which means that people are looking at your profile and deciding as to whether they want to follow you or not. Whether you are someone that they want to connect with. Whether you are someone whose network they want to be a part of.

If your profile doesn’t sum up you and your business effectively, or gives a bad first impression then that could mean a big group of potential customers that you have just missed out on connecting with  

I am recommending for you to take some time this week (…or even better, today!) to give your profile a bit of love and attention. Here are 5 quick wins for improving your Instagram profile >>

1.       Revisit your bio description

You get 150 characters in your Instagram bio to summarise exactly who you are, and give your audience a reason to follow you. Take a fresh look at it and ask yourself if your current bio is still relevant.

Our businesses and brands are evolving all the time and so what might have been relevant for you 6 months ago might be completely different now. You might have new products, new services. If you are a yoga teacher you might have done more training.

Your bio needs to sum up who you are and what you do:

-          Your skills, specialism, niche, interests

-          What sets you apart from your competitors, what is your USP

-          What keywords will resonate with your ideal student or customer

There is a lot of competition out there and you need to make sure that your bio sets you apart

2.       Get creative with your bio copy

Play around with emojis, custom fonts (https://igfonts.io/), and symbols (https://coolsymbol.com/)

Make your profile stand out

3.       Update your profile picture

I don’t recommend updating this very regularly, as your imagery is a really big part of your online brand. However, it is important that your profile picture represents your business and gives a good first impression

-          If your business is centred around you as a person then use a picture of you as the profile picture

-          If you have a niche, then make sure this is represented  

Whichever picture you choose, make sure that it is consistent across all of your online channels – your Facebook page, your website etc.

4.       Update your chosen URL

You only get one, so make sure it is taking your audience to the most relevant destination. For example, you might be linking out to your website homepage, but if you are currently promoting a workshop then make sure you are driving to the workshop page on your site to make the user journey as short as possible

5. Spring clean the accounts that you Follow

If like me, the number of people you follow has started to rack up over time then you might want to have a clear out … en masse! There are many apps you can use to do this (recently I used  ‘Unfollow’) where you link up your account and can essentially mass unfollow loads of people that are likely redundant and not showing up on your feed anyway. You need to do it in batches so that Instagram doesn’t block you for taking part in dodgy activities!

While you are there, unfollow any accounts that don’t bring you joy, accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, or that don’t serve you anymore!

That’s it! If you haven’t already, join the Facebook Group >> Digital Yogis Community and share your before and after screenshots in the relevant thread. Ask for opinions on the changes you have made, or offer a fresh pair of eyes to others who might need help!

// Charlotte - The Digital Yogi // xx

Charlotte Reynolds