You can’t be everything to everyone

One of the key parts of your Social Media Strategy is clearly defining your target audience.

Remember that everyone is not your customer, and by speaking to everyone often we end up speaking to no-one

As a yoga teacher for example, your target audience is not ‘everyone who is interested in yoga’ or ‘everyone with the potential to be interested in yoga’. Once you get more specific about exactly who they are, then you can really level up your strategy.

Once you determine who your ideal customers are then you can begin to create content that is really going to appeal to them and inspire them to connect / engage / purchase

Creating customer profiles / personas

In advertising, a common practice is to create customer profiles or personas that represent your different audience groups. It is likely that you will have several personas that you are targeting as you might have different styles of classes you teach, at different times of day, in different locations.

Ask yourself these questions about your ideal customers >>

-          How old are they? Gender?

-          Where do they live / work?

-          What are their hobbies, interests, professions?

-          What/who influences them?

-          When are they usually online?

-          What are their problems or challenges

Once you have these ideal customer profiles, you can even give them names like ‘Time poor Tim’ and choose a picture to represent this audience archetype

What to do now you have defined your target audience?

Now once you have defined your audience more clearly, there are two things I would recommend you do >>

-          Take a fresh look at your profile as if you were your target audience. Does what you are seeing appeal to them? Does it clearly explain what your business can offer them / help them with their problem?

-          Take a look at the posts you are putting out there. Will they be understandable and relatable to him/her? Will your tone-of-voice and writing style (e.g. casual/formal, emojis) appeal to them?

-          Take a look at your analytics to see if that is who you are currently talking to. If your target audience is Time Poor Tim but your audience is currently elsewhere in the UK, or 80% female then you need to look at reaching a more relevant audience online

Now each time you are creating content or posting something online, make sure to have these audience personas in mind

These will also help when it comes to selecting the right targeting when you come to run paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. Watch my video here where I talk through targeting your ideal customer using paid ads

Any questions, just shout

// Charlotte - The Digital Yogi // xx

Charlotte Reynolds