7 Top Tips for Speaking To Camera on Facebook and Instagram Stories

Speaking to camera is a great way to really connect on a deeper level with your online community, and a great way for your audience to get to know you and your vibe outside of the classroom

It is something that often fills people with fear. They worry that they might embarrass themselves or look silly. However, it’s worth seeing if you can overcome this fear! If you think about the people that you follow, when they do speak to camera it really does help build a deeper connection with them. How many yogis do you follow on Instagram that you already feel like you know even before you go to their class? And did this influence why you chose their class over a different one?

So here are my top tips for speaking to camera on Facebook and Instagram:

-        Imagine you're having a 121 conversation with someone real, that way what you're saying should flow quite easily and not sound planned or forced

-        Plan roughly what you are going to say beforehand. You don't need to write a full script but perhaps 3 key points that you want to get across

-        Don't wait too long start stop talking once you hit record. People have a really short attention span, especially on social media, so as soon as you press record start speaking! Don't give your audience any encouragement to swipe past your video

-        You can always film a few versions and use the best one to upload. So use your phone camera instead of filming straight into Instagram. However from my experience usually it will be your first attempt that is the best

-        Keep the video concise. If people see that you have spoken for 15 story frames then they are likely to not watch any of them at all…its too big a commitment

-        Overlay text on to your video – perhaps take quotes from what you said in the video or maybe you can add in extra information you might have forgotten to speak about

-        Finally, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. Step out of that comfort zone!

Maybe start by filming an intro video about yourself and your yoga business in the Digital Yogi Community Group. There are loads of yogis overcoming their ‘talk-to-camera-fear’ and introducing themselves via video https://www.facebook.com/groups/601526626988613

Lots of love

// Charlotte – The Digital Yogi // xx

Charlotte Reynolds