How to fill your yoga classes using social media without investing in paid advertising


When you guys request to join the group I ask you what is the top thing you want to learn --- and over and over again I see 'How to get more people coming to my classes'

Give these 3 tasks a try. Let me know how you get on / if you find this kind of approach intimidating or scary / whether you see any results!

1. Connect with your current students. 
The first thing you want to do if you want to fill your yoga is to connect with those who are already enjoying your classes and make sure to retain them. One way to do that is to ask for their emails at the end of class, and then add them to your mailing list. Another way is to connect on Instagram - maybe take a group photo and say you would like to tag everyone in it so ask them for their Insta handles. You want to connect with them and start to build that relationship. You could do an Instagram story about your class and how much you enjoyed teaching it and tag them in it so they feel like part of your community and tribe!

2. Find potential new students. 
Now you want to find other people who might also want to come to your classes. You need to start by figuring out who those people are. So, who is your target audience? Who is it that is likely to come to your class? And it’s not just ‘People that like yoga’. Let’s get really specific here. So: where do they live, which studios do they practice at, what’s their age and their gender, what are their interests, what styles of yoga do they like. Build up a profile of who your ideal potential student is. And then what you need to do is go out and find them! A really easy way to do this is, let’s say you teach a class at a studio and you want to grow the number of people coming to your classes. There’s a load of people in your target audience who already go to that studio, all you want to do is consider also maybe coming to your class so a great way to find them online is to think about their online behaviour and specifically what they are doing on social media. The likelihood is that they are going to Follow that studio so maybe find an Instagram post where that studio has talked about your class and have a look who has liked or commented on it. They are potential students of yours! If you recognise them, or they have commented something positive then give them a follow, reach out to them. Just be a little bit strategic! Now you have all these new connections, you need to engage with them. It’s not enough to just follow them, you need to engage with them. Tag them in posts if you have classes coming up, you want to stay top of mind so when they are deciding which classes to go to that week they think of you

3. Increase your organic reach among your target audience. 
You need people to know you exist, and know the details of your classes in order to become a student of yours. Like I have already said, the studio is a great place to start as a way to get in front of the right eyes. Make sure that when you are posting things, you are tagging the studio. If each time you post a story and tag the studio, and then they re-post, your account is then being pushed out to loads of potential students! Try it!

// Charlotte - The Digital Yogi // xx