4 Reasons to Switch to an Instagram Business profile


// CONVERTING YOUR PROFILE TO A BUSINESS ACCOUNT // To anyone who is using their social media account as marketing tool for themselves or their business, or to those who simply have an interest in improving engagement with their content and followers, I would strongly recommend switching to an Instagram business profile, like right now! 💡
Top benefits:

👉🏻 you get to see audience insights
👉🏻 content analysis of which types of posts perform best for you
👉🏻 be more contactable - option to add a contact button
👉🏻 option to start advertising via Instagram ads

It doesn't cost anything to do this, and you don't even actually need to have a business. Before my workshops I ask that everyone does this before attending! Maybe something to add to (the top of) the to do list 🙌🏻

Please note: you will need to connect up your Instagram Business account to a corresponding Facebook page (so you many need to create one of these too)

The instructions on how to do this are here: https://help.instagram.com/502981923235522

Happy switching :)

// Charlotte - The Digital Yogi // xx
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